The maternity course Samen Bevallen (Birthing Together) helps you prepare for the birth of your baby in an informative and practical way. During the course you will learn and practice different birthing techniques as well as all the what's and why's about pregnancy and labor. The coaching role of the partner throughout the birth is one of our main focuses.

The course is given by teachers that have given birth their selves and have been fully educated within the Samen Bevallen association. We follow annual training to stay up to date with the latest insights in the field. Many midwives and obstetricians throughout the country support and recommend our course. Our main goal is to give you and your baby the best start possible.

If the regular Dutch Samen Bevallen course is not an option for you because you don't speak or understand Dutch fluently (or you prefer to follow an English class), it is possible to follow a complete English course of 3 to 4 classes. This is a private course, in comparison to the regular Dutch course which is 7+1 classes in a group (up to six couples). Direct aanmelden